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Migrate Your Brick & Mortar Store from Legacy

Explore new-age digital tools designed specifically for managing brick & mortar stores. Don’t let legacy practices & manual dependencies hold back your business.

Transform how you do business, led by analytics

Your brick-and-mortar store probably has a loyal customer base, experienced staff, and an accepted approach to processes. These, however, rely mostly on paperwork or spreadsheets to get things done. Now, as you step into a more competitive environment with new opportunities at every bend, we offer digital solutions to help maximize your potential.

HokuApps helps scale your business and connect multiple locations

Our solutions enable a birds-eye-view of staff activity, resource availability, and customer behavior.
Promotions Engine
Personalize promotions & deliver across a variety of channels, garnering loyalty and widening your customer base
Staff Management
Digitalize log-in/log-out, hours management, and payroll so you can easily grow your team
Billing and Payment Management
Keep detailed records of all your transactions, maintaining clutter-free and audit-friendly accounts
Housekeeping Management
Maintain store hygiene & customer experience quality through housekeeping alerts and by coordinating schedules

Build a singular app and easily multiple brick-and-mortar stores

By automating routine tasks, brick-and-mortar businesses can eliminate a number of inefficiencies such as labor underutilization, poor store quality, and siloed payment systems. HokuApps helps digitalize POS terminals, marketing channels, and support staff activity to boost in-store performance. You can now easily add new locations and expand your team, reinforcing market presence.
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Key Benefits
Online employee management (with mobile support) for extended visibility & zero conflicts
Resource optimization via insights on payment patterns & historical store maintenance records
Customization in-line with store size/customer group enabling targeted business impact
Enhancement of marketing reach via multichannel promotions & BI supported strategies
No unplanned store downtime by regular monitoring of housekeeping needs & prompt redressal
Reduction in employee complaints & churn rates as a result of digital payroll & scheduling

Digitizing the selling experience for retail & online stores

The HokuApps platform helps retailer build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement.
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