Reasons Why Your Company Should Go For iPhone App Development Using Swift

Reasons Why Your Company Should Go For iPhone App Development Using Swift

The onset of technological innovation combined with the power of Internet connectivity has completely changed the business playing field of today. The increased enablement has led to heightened competition in the marketplace. At the forefront of this changing scenario, is the wave of business/enterprise apps. Most business owners today are investing in mobile/desktop applications developed by organizations such as iOS app development company, in order to increase the visibility, as well as the impact of their respective enterprises.

As a business owner, you must also be looking to expand your horizons through mobile app development. You must, therefore, consider hiring the services of relevant organizations like iOS app development companies, as they are more than adequate for giving your business the boost that it needs. One of the main factors that give Apple’s iOS platform a leading edge in the app development market, is its usage of the Swift programming language.

A Little About Swift

Swift is an object-oriented programming language that is used for app development across all the iOS platforms, such as MacOS, tvOS, watchOS, etc. First introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift was developed as an enhancement over C and Objective C languages; mainly in the aspects of usability, as well as compatibility.

Here are 5 benefits of Swift that your enterprise will enjoy, by hiring iOS app development companies:


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As a programming language, Swift requires far less time to pick up for programmers, as compared to the other C languages. This automatically means that there will be more programmers learning Swift than the other languages. Furthermore, Swift also has relatively simpler syntax guidelines, as it is much closer to the English language. You will, therefore–by hiring the services of an iOS app development company–be able to give your business a boost by taking advantage of an expansive [Swift] app developer community.

Open to All

Swift has been developed as an open source programming language, which means that the entire source code is made unanimously accessible to all those working with Swift. This will end up resulting in better-performing apps since the groundwork is laid out in a collaborative manner. By hiring the services of an iOS app development company, you will, therefore, reap the benefits of great apps that are developed in a cohesive environment.

Low on Errors

Being a business owner, you will look upon enterprise app development as an investment for your business. And a hefty investment it is, both in terms of time and money. You would, therefore, want the end-result to be as free of errors as possible. This is where Swift comes in. As a language, Swift uses a fresh approach to error handling; wherein [enum] enumeration is used to smartly track possible errors, therefore allowing iPhone application developers to better process success/failure outcomes. This will reduce the chance of your iPhone app running into major errors after being launched.

Make the App Lighter

Patience is not a virtue that most app users possess; even less so when it comes to using new apps. It invariably so happens, that loading time is one of the factors based on which a user will initially judge your app. This is where hiring an iOS app development company can help your business vis-a-vis Swift. This is because Swift employs dynamic libraries that are loaded directly into memory as part of the executable file. The two major implications of this are smarter memory utilization and faster app loading.

Linux Compatibility

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Swift offers your business the potential to develop apps that can cater to various platforms, which will greatly enhance the overall scope of your business. One of the main avenues for this possibility is that Swift can be used for development even in a Linux environment– something that other iOS app development languages [such as Objective C] are not capable of.

Improved App Performance

When investing in an iPhone application for your business, you would expect to receive the best possible returns from your endeavor. It is safe to assume that a high-performance app is one of those returns. And hiring an iPhone app development company will help you to do just that. Swift–currently one of the most popular programming languages in the iOS app development community–is said to have the fast execution of functions than any other iOS language.