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HokuApps is a top iOS app development company which provides automated technology solutions to help enterprises transform to the digital. Experience enhanced performance on apps that are reliable, scalable and affordable.
Create and deploy iOS/iPhone apps faster

HokuApps Mobile Platform

The Smarter Way to Build iOS Applications for Enterprises

HokuApps offers the most reliable iOS app development platform that creates high performance, robust, secure and user-friendly iPad/iPhone apps. Our iOS app development process creates 90% of the app through automation, while the remaining 10% is the configuration of the technology solutions to suit a business’s unique ecosystem.

“Real-time collaboration with the custom ‘Field Service’ app”
HokuApps developed enterprise mobility solutions for Roofing Southwest which includes iOS, Android and Web apps. HokuApps helped the US-based company shift seamlessly from paper-based to cloud-based operations.
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“Custom workflow app for 360-degree project management”
HokuApps designed and customized cross-platform enterprise solutions for PTI QCS, enhancing collaboration, simplifying workflows and increasing productivity.
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The Best Custom iOS App Development Technology Platform Dedicated to You

With effective iOS mobile app development technology and post-deployment maintenance, HokuApps iOS app development services are the best choice for the short and long-term
Automation Layer - ios application development company
Automation Layer
The automation layer gives HokuApps a distinct advantage over traditional app development, where every app is built from scratch. The automation layer includes deep libraries of pre-configured elements: business modules, technology components, connectors and a design studio. These elements are brought together to create cross-platform apps – AUTOMATICALLY.
Customization Layer - ios apps development services
Customization Layer
Post the Rapid Application Development stage (automation), the mobile apps are customized at a business level to create tailor-made applications to suit a business’s unique organizational structure. The result is apps that are reliable, affordable and built in days or weeks and not months.
Legacy Systems Modernization - ios application development
Legacy Systems Modernization
Not all software packages, used by businesses, are cloud-friendly. HokuApps can guide you through the process of legacy system modernization to connect with disparate systems that work independently. Software packages that are commonly used by enterprises are ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRM.

Building iOS App at Rapid Speed

Get your ideas implemented within weeks with our low-code approach to the iOS app development process. HokuApps iOS application development lets you create smart and agile mobile solutions for even the most complex workflows, deployed in no time.
ios app development at Rapid Speed

Revolutionary Technology That Builds iOS Apps 10X FASTER

10X FASTER iOS Application Development
Transform customer experience, digitize business processes, streamline operations and leverage new technologies with HokuApps. Build fully-custom technology solutions to transform any part of your business in days or weeks and not months.
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Build Enterprise iOS Apps FAST

Why Enterprises Choose HokuApps iOS App Development Platform?

Connect to Anything & Everything
With our pre-built connectors, connect seamlessly to any off-the-shelf, cloud-based, or custom-built system, for any workflow or data source.
Modernize Legacy Systems
Transform systems of record into systems of engagement. Create more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions.
Enterprise Administration Backend
Our enterprise administration backend enables in-house teams to manage and administer the business solution and includes a granular reporting engine and dashboards.
Communication Framework
The framework enables real-time business chat and a notification framework which are essential parts of any enterprise mobility solution.
Scalable Infrastructure and Security Framework
HokuApps iOS application development technology platform offers a robust and on-demand scalability infrastructure with best-in-class enterprise security features.

Custom Mobile Apps for All Devices, All Platforms

Cross Platforms - ios application development company
Truly-Cross Platform
Whether you need a custom or native app on iOS, Android, or the Web, or you prefer a cross-platform app, HokuApps custom iOS application development technology platform can help you with your requirements. HokuApps unique custom iOS app development process decreases creation time considerably and reduces risk significantly. We provide cost-effective applications that help organizations achieve their long-term and short-term objectives.


When you opt for iOS Mobile App Development

What iOS App Development Services does HokuApps offer?

  • 1. Native iOS Application Development

    Create powerful and secure iOS mobile applications from scratch with HokuApps iOS application development services.

    2. iOS App Development Services and Consultation

    Talk to our technical and business experts to understand the best iOS application development options for your business.

    3. Cross-Platform iOS Application Development

    Develop robust mobile apps with stunning UI for Android, iOS, and the Web, simultaneously.

    4. iOS App UI/UX Design

    HokuApps, a top iOS app development company, creates iOS apps that feature stunning UI/UX. Choose from our design studio that features hundreds of mockups.

    5. iOS Widget Development

    Create extensions/widgets for any part of your business operations to help executives make data-driven decisions.

    6. Universal iOS App Development

    Develop iOS mobile apps that suit any iOS device screen, i.e., iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    7. iOS Maintenance and Optimization

    HokuApps iOS apps development services provide full lifecycle management solutions.

    8. iOS Mobile App System Integration

    Integrate more than 500 API tools instantly with your business app to transform into the digital.

What is the Process of iOS App Development?

  • HokuApps, an

    iOS app development company

    , follows a low-code iOS application development methodology to define the scope of the iOS app. The process follows a 90-10 approach where 90% is automated. The iOS mobile app development platform features deep libraries of pre-configured business modules, pre-built technology components, a design studio and pre-built connectors. Elements are brought together via a drag and drop process, post-which the apps are configured at a business level to suit the business’s unique ecosystem. The iOS mobile app development process is followed by iOS app deployment and iOS app optimization.

Reasons why HokuApps is the best iOS application development company?

  • Choosing the right

    iOS app development company

    is like choosing the right car but includes scalability in the offering. It is important that the iOS app development service fits into your business requirement perfectly. We are a top

    iOS app development company

    which provides enterprise-grade and industry-best iOS mobile apps.

    Here are some reasons why HokuApps is the best iOS application development company:

    - Quality oriented iOS application development process
    - Stunning UI/UX
    - Success-driven solutions at 10x speed
    - Full transparency in the iOS application development process
    - More than 500 API tools options
    - Instant system integration with third-party software solutions
    - Integrated dashboard for real-time data and customizable analytics

    HokuApps is an iOS app development services company that understands your requirements and expectations. No matter the business requirement, a top

    iOS app development company

    like HokuApps will deliver the solution at a rapid speed.

    Some perspectives suggest that investing in freelancers may be cheaper and more effective. However, freelancers will have to create apps from scratch which makes the iOS app development process a time-bound process which may extend to more than a year. Freelancers do not have access to the cutting-edge HokuApps iOS application development process to help them create top quality iOS apps.

    It is much more affordable and reliable to choose HokuApps as your iOS mobile app development partner to create iOS mobile applications for your business requirements. With quality and time in mind, you will be offered the top iOS application development company services at affordable pricing options.

What are the iOS Mobile App Development Case Studies of HokuApps?

  • Roofing Southwest is a leading national roofing contractor serving commercial, industrial, retail & multi-family clients. HokuApps created Field Service mobility solutions for this business, including iOS mobile app development, which is designed with field engineers and technicians in mind, to provide consistent access with a refined interface and targeted workflow, regardless of network connectivity.

    PTI QCS supports auto manufacturers through solutions for quality service, engineer, coding, and supply chain management. The Detroit-based company with multiple ERP solutions in place alongside diverse communication channels and operations, extending across international borders to create a complex process. HokuApps is a top-rated

    iOS app development company

    which helped PTI QCS streamline all processes that are not fundamental to value delivery, while driving personal productivity gains as communication gaps disappeared.

HokuApps and other iOS App Development Companies: What Makes Us Different?

  • HokuApps are one of the top-rated iOS app development companies in the world, with a strong presence in the US and APAC regions. The reason for this is the iOS mobile app development approach that we have built. The platform is automated to deliver solutions in 6-8 weeks.

    While most iOS application development companies develop apps from scratch, HokuApps is an iOS app development company that creates apps using a drag and drop process. We do this with pre-configured elements that are bug-free and pre-coded to save time and costs.

    Our developers will customize the app (design, features and architecture), on our iOS mobile app development platform, to suit your business.

Benefits of approaching an experienced iOS development company

  • An experienced iOS app development company can bring a lot of experience and suggest tricks of the trade to make your app deliver better than your competition. An iOS application development company like HokuApps also brings to the table a cutting-edge revolutionary platform that creates fully-functional apps in days.

    Apart from this, the pre-iOS app development stage requires Project Managers to thoroughly research your business requirements and vet competitors’ apps to chalk out a tentative blueprint to start with. And as they are in constant touch with you, our clients, the process give the utmost importance to suggestions/feedback so that the iOS app developer is reliable.

    Furthermore, HokuApps is an iOS application development company that offers enhanced post-deployment and maintenance with regular upgrades and full freedom to scale the app as the business grows.