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SAP ERP Integration with Other Business Applications – The HokuApps Approach

HokuApps is a leading SAP solution provider that helps bridge the gap between SAP and non-SAP applications.

SAP is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which helps organizations gain insights into their critical business processes. The SAP ERP software is not pan-functional. In addition, industry evolution has resulted in continuous changes to the SAP ecosystem. Third-party or best-of-breed applications, whether Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise, are imperative in performing certain business functions that cannot be executed by SAP.

Integrating SAP with other business applications is crucial in automating and augmenting various business processes. When SAP ERP integration is not efficiently done, several setbacks are encountered: it renders third-party software investments unproductive and hinders operations.

In order to innovate, and sustain a customer-driven business environment, SAP ERP integration with other business applications need to adopt an all-encompassing, enterprise-wide approach that would act as a catalyst towards achieving expected future plans.

Integrating SAP and non-SAP systems in an all-inclusive business environment is a complex, time-consuming process. Maintaining accuracy and integrity of employee data is imperative for seamless operation of the HR. Third-party software and data-routing approaches, more often than not prove to be inefficient.

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