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SAP System Integrators : An Overview
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions enable businesses across industries to optimize core business competencies such as finance, accounting, human resource management, performance management and customer relationship management. An ERP software like SAP ERP helps you encompass the key business functions of an organization, thereby providing seamless business process integration within. However like every other ERP software, SAP lacks in bringing different software systems onto a unified platform which is essential to help business processes improve to optimal levels. With HokuApps SAP system integrators you can bring dissimilar systems together by simply connecting them with smart APIs and Intelligent Dashboards.

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is integration of SAP or any other ERP software with other third party softwares & Business Systems. Without proper integration between SAP and non-SAP applications, companies are bound to ignore mission critical data and analysis. SAP does not provide simple connection between varied business functions, with other software systems to assist their operations. These systems, along with SAP software, need to work as a complete system to bring out the best out of each system.

SAP Integration Tools: Features and Benefits

Accelerated customer-demands are the assertive force behind businesses to seek for quick business integration solutions. As businesses grow beyond capacity, they invariable invest in additional apps and services, data formats, and devices to help them expand their ecosystem. However, a downside to this change is the increasing difficulty in interoperability among different systems. As a result, businesses are in search of reliable and comprehensive system integration tools to create continuous and complete functionality across their business.
The aim of businesses today is to secure an integration tool which is affordable, provides ease of use and offers the future-proof technology. HokuApps provides an apt solution to this dilemma. Not only does HokuApps SAP integration tools meet these requirements, it goes further by providing a comprehensive integration solution that can be accessed with a single sign-in.

Enterprises in this age of digital transformation have access to cutting-edge SAP integration tools where they can invest in the integration of the best-in-class and the best industry-grade solutions to improve connectivity among various silos. Our SAP module integration solution provides connectivity with products that add immense value by providing connectivity so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

The HokuApps SAP integration tools and technologies are more than just integration solutions. Work on a unified suite on the SAP integration tools and technologies to carry your business on the same lines as your vision.

Role of HokuApps SAP Connectors in Application Integration

With HokuApps’ integration tools, our connectors do the same work as SAP connectors to enable integration of data. With SAP connectors, you will have to invest in a separate license, which isn’t the case with HokuApps integration methods. The HokuApps SAP connectors allow you to send and receive data via IDocs, BAPIs and Remote Function Modules (RFMs). Using our custom-made SAP tools, you can browse through the list of available IDocs, BAPI, and RFMs in your system and auto-generate the request.

SAP system integration with HokuApps SAP connectors can integrate SAP with other third-party business systems. It can keep data synced between multiple systems like CRM, SCM etc. In addition, processes are automated and features enterprise-grade security measures.

Here are three of the most common HokuApps SAP connectors that we use:
Role of SAP Integration - HokuApps
Intermediate Document (IDoc) Businesses are likely to create a networked environment to connect various distributed systems to the main database. An IDoc condenses data so that it can be migrated among the business silos without format conversion. IDocs define types of data like invoices or purchase orders so that a transaction can be recorded, which improves efficiency and minimizes resource demands.

Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI) BAPI provides data access to external software through specific means. In other words, BAPI is a set of connections between objects, rather than data and actions which enables programmers to interrelate third-party software with any SAP modules and tools. The SAP integration tools are probably the most powerful connector tools that HokuApps uses to create a fresh and dynamic database.

SAP Java Connector (JCo) With HokuApps, users can quickly and cost-effectively deliver iterations to integrate SAP with other systems so that they can harness the full power of all software on one platform. HokuApps SAP integration methods simplify the complexities of integrating all software by creating a strong connection between cloud and on-premise systems of various software like CRM and such
Role of SAP Integration - HokuApps
SAP Integration Technologies
SAP Integration Technologies
SAP NetWeaver is one of the main technologies that is used to integrate SAP system integration. NetWeaver is not a product per se, but it is termed as an integration technology to bind all software together. NetWeaver makes sure that SAP data can be accessed via mobile devices and on HTTP. Its core capability includes the integration of information, process, and people. As a result, SAP NetWeaver supports the integration of various processes like CRM, BW, ERP, and/or SRM.

Information integration is the bringing of all information, wherever it may be stored and in any location so that users can make sense of it all. With SAP system integrators, executives get access to customizable, visual, and interactive reports and analysis. There is an increased collation of data from previously unknown sources which provides Business Intelligence by structuring unstructured information and documents.

Process integration is the coordination of workflow across departments and businesses. SAP NetWeaver enables businesses to use different versions of SAP and non-SAP software from different platforms to collaborate with each other.

People integration brings people together on the same portal to increase collaboration by providing access to data via multiple channels like the web, mobile, and instant messaging etc. This tool creates virtual rooms for real-time cooperation and non-SAP data sharing tools.
SAP Integration Technologies

Maximize your business with HokuApps SAP integration solutions

HokuApps SAP system integration with SAP integration tools is a service like SAP connectors. Our solutions provide instant integration with plug and play like the ease and increased scalability with product reuse. This product will positively affect those businesses that want to integrate SAP with non-SAP apps. HokuApps SAP system integration is more than just simple integration. It is an opportunity to create business-specific solutions to incorporate them faster with your SAP solutions. HokuApps SAP system integration is a proven solutions partner in rapidly integrating systems, data, devices, services, and processes with any data from any source to maximize the business value of your investment.