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View & Govern Your Wholesale Distribution Network

Achieve data-driven distributor management across multiple warehouses & storage hubs. Get real-time updates & alerts on different stakeholders’ performance with HokuApps.

Amplify order capacities & expand your distributor base

A poorly managed distribution network can increase the delivery costs & lower order processing speeds. We provide holistic solutions to manage your entire ecosystem via end-to-end dashboards. As a result, your business is ready to explore new product types & unfamiliar distributor segments, unlocking new opportunities for profitability.

We let you coordinate all your offline tasks, online

With HokuApps, you can address costs & timeline challenges around complex wholesale operations streamlining your business at every touchpoint
Warehouse Management
Build customized portals to monitor vital KPIs, optimizing warehouse performance, & resource utilization
Distribution Center Management
Turn each distribution hub into an intelligent entity, equipped to take on complex roles & queries
Franchisee Distribution Management
Deliver unique applications for franchise owners while maintaining brand uniformity & quality consistency
Logistics and Transport Management
Secure material & product movement throughout your network by tracking logistics tasks & transport in real time

Rapidly enter new markets with our cloud-enabled solutions

Wholesale distribution can be a complex scenario given the number of business stakeholders involved & the frequency of bulk orders. HokuApps provides an end-to-end suite to manage every component of your wholesale business. From fleet monitoring to franchise governance, we cover every touchpoint with granular clarity.
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Key Benefits
Seamless synchronization between orders, inventory stock, & mid-route distribution hubs
Sales automation for high priority B2B orders with prompt resolution of customer queries
Accelerated business growth by digitally onboarding franchise partners
Reduction in logistics costs by identifying the best fit vendors & transport providers
Improved customer loyalty by leveraging BI to create targeted schemes & discounts
Overall operational efficiency by completely eliminating manual dependencies for day-on-day tasks

Digitizing the selling experience for retail & online stores

The HokuApps platform helps retailer build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement.
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