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Garner Loyalty, Drive Sales & Grow Your Business

Discover a Customer Relationship Management platform that’s built according to your business needs. Respond to queries faster & achieve 360-degree visibility into your consumer groups with HokuApps.

Extend Multi-channel Support to Your Customers

In today’s digital environment, CRM isn’t just about completing a sale and resolving complaints. Our next-gen CRM solutions help engage with customers across the value chain, through meaningful conversations from lead generation to conversion, & finally continuous follow-ups. Partner with HokuApps to automate monotonous CRM tasks, bringing in strategic human intervention when required.

Build lasting relationships & stay ahead of the competition, always.

HokuApps helps improve key metrics like loyalty levels, Net Promoter Scores, & dropoff frequency.
Customer Profile Management
Create & edit detailed profiles with one-click duplication, simplifying records keeping
Poll and Survey Management
Request customer feedback and generate actionable insights post sales, realigning your business strategies
Customer Service
Provide multi-device support through bots, conversational interfaces, & digital FAQs, reducing contact center efforts
Promotions Engine
Collate feedback, sentiment analysis & historic records to design impactful & personalized marketing campaigns
Gift Vouchers
Share innovative gifting options via e-wallets, voucher mailers, or physically shipped gift cards
Customer Loyalty Management
Outline a customer loyalty strategy implemented via automated follow-ups, customized reminders, & more

Strengthen Existing Relationships & Connect with a Whole New Set of Buyers

A reliable CRM solution can centralize the many customer-facing tasks your employees execute every single day. As your business expands, it’s vital to ensure consistency & multi-level monitoring across all these activities. We develop CRM tools factoring in your industry, business-size, & future goals. As a result, you’re equipped for new trends in marketing & sales while ensuring that all-important ‘human factor’.
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Key Benefits
Consistent channel monitoring to identify new sales &marketingg opportunities
Next-best-action recommendation based on historical customer data analysis
On-the-go business governance through mobile dashboards & workflows
Targeted promotions & marketing initiatives, boosting return customer numbers
Effective & automated gift voucher generation delivered via customer-specific channels
Creative loyalty reinforcement strategies incorporating best practices & disruptive ideas

Digitizing the Selling Experience for Retail & Online Stores

The HokuApps platform helps retailer build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement.
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