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Implement Self-service BI Tools for Your Retail Business

Turn complex historical & real-time data into visually appealing dashboards. Empower your executives with insightful & easy-to-understand information across verticals.

Go from Raw Data to Actionable Insights in Seconds

Faced with stiff competition from established players & new market entrants, we believe that data is truly the ‘new oil’. Our Business Intelligence solutions convert the voluminous streams of data residing in your infrastructure, into comprehensible assistive dashboards. View dominant trends, identify outliers & discover hidden insights with HokuApps.

Collate and analyze data from diverse sources.

Our solutions help you gain from a variety of data types, without requiring deep technical expertise.
Stock Report
Generate exhaustive reports to anticipate supply orders, mitigating losses, and inventory gaps
Merchandising Analysis
Monitor inventory and acutely chart profit & sales, utilizing the findings to redefine product strategies
Customer Behavior Analysis
Guage customer sentiment from your online stores, physical sites, & social feeds for demand predictability
Sales Reports
Analyze top performing sectors & address inefficiencies, while creating compliance-friendly reports
Time Clock Report
Maximize employee efforts through digital time & attendance, leave management & idle hours identification
Orders Reports
Evaluate received, canceled & fulfilled order metrics to locate improvement areas and simplify audits

Envision Cross-functional Reports & Dashboards for Consistent Business Health

Spreadsheets & paperwork can obfuscate vital metrics on business performance, making it difficult to assess on-ground scenarios & future possibilities. That’s why your retail organization requires a fully digitalized Business Intelligence solution, combining data completeness with simplicity. Our self-service modules ensure executives can hit the ground running, with a minimal learning curve, driving data-led decisions.
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Key Benefits
Monitoring of a wide range of verticals & data types from a singular platform
User-centric UI design with a drag ’n drop functionality for a clear visual understanding
Multi-layered drill-down capabilities to uncover insights at every level
Seamless integration with 3rd-party plugins & widgets, extending dashboard functionality
Intelligent data engines driven by AI & ML to learn from historical records
Secure collaboration via role-based dashboard access, with share/publish features

Digitizing the Selling Experience for Retail & Online Stores

The HokuApps platform helps retailer build an experience that stands out by understanding their unique needs, enhancing customer experience and customer engagement.
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