Reasons Why Enterprises Are Building Their Own Custom Mobile Apps

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Reasons Why Enterprises Are Building Their Own Custom Mobile Apps

The smartphone market is exploding, with manufacturers offering devices with amazing features at such attractive prices! With this, the mobile app market has also grown at a remarkable pace. The more recent trend is of companies joining the custom mobile app bandwagon, as they begin recognizing the true potential of implementing a sound mobility strategy.

Technological advancements have made it possible to develop high-end, enterprise-grade custom mobile apps that are seamlessly aligned with existing processes. And, they can help companies meet their business goals.

If you’re wondering whether custom mobile application development services are really worth it, here are twelve reasons your company most definitely needs a customized business app.

#1 – Employee Are Using Mobile Apps Anyway: Data shows a continuous increase in time spent on smartphones. A report by Flurry Analytics says that US adults spent 5 hours per day on these devices. Interestingly, browser time has shown a steady decline, which was reported at a mere 8% of total time spent on smartphones. This translates to a steady increase in app use. What does this mean for enterprises? Employees are definitely using their smartphones and third-party apps to coordinate with colleagues, stay connected with their teams, communicate with clients, schedule work and get things done faster. But what kind of security measures do these third-party apps have in place? Companies have no control over this. Isn’t it better to opt for custom mobile app development and be assured that your company’s confidential information and sensitive data are safe?

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#2 – Customers Are Increasingly Using Mobile Apps to Make Purchases: In 2015 and 2016, the growth of e-commerce grabbed headlines. Through 2017, there has been a marked increase in m-commerce (people using their mobile phones to shop). In North America, m-commerce surged by 13% year-on-year and almost 70% of the total were in-app sales, says a report published by Criteo. And, this trend is expected to grow. If your company doesn’t have a custom mobile app, it’s losing out on sales. Worse still, your competitors are grabbing such opportunities, not only making sales but also earning customer loyalty, while you’re missing in action.

#3 – Customers Are Making Purchase Decisions Using Their Cellphones: Even those customers who don’t use apps to make purchases are increasingly using their smartphones to make purchase decisions. Customers have become more discerning today and do their research thoroughly before buying anything. In fact, they could be using their phones to check for more information even while standing inside your store! According to an article by the CEO of OuterBox, as many as 80% of shoppers used their cellphones inside brick and mortar stores to check product reviews and compare prices before making a purchase! Can your company afford to lose customers even after they’ve walked into your store?

#4 – Improves Customer Relationship: With a custom mobile app, your company can stay connected with customers at all times. They can easily get in touch with you to ask questions about your products or services. Your company can send notifications regarding any upcoming event or ongoing sale.

#5 – Provides Valuable Data: A mobile app will generate data about employee productivity, online sales, areas of maximum customer complaints, etc. A company can even conduct surveys to understand employee and/or customer satisfaction levels or even critical inputs like which specific features of your offering are most loved by customers.

Customized business apps allow you to send personalized updates related to your products and services to your existing customers in real-time. Additionally, it allows you to access client details and receive feedback, which can be leveraged to improve long-term customer relationships

#6 – Improves Efficiency: Enterprise apps are developed to meet the specific needs of the business. They are designed to make processes highly streamlined and tasks easier to accomplish. According to the results of a survey published by FileMaker, 81% respondents mentioned that custom mobile apps reduced inefficient tasks. Moreover, a custom mobile app provides a real-time view of projects and your team’s performance.

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#7 – Increases Productivity: The State of Custom App Report says that 74% respondents reported an increase in team productivity. As tasks become easier to accomplish, employee productivity increases, and this improves the morale of workers.

#8 – Reduces Error: Since apps can be used anytime and from anywhere, employees can make updates in real time, reducing the scope of error. Moreover, they can upload documents in support of their updates. For instance, a sales executive can update expenses as they are incurred and upload the receipt. Once approved, the reimbursement can be transferred using the app itself.

#9 – Perfect Fit for Your Unique Needs: There are millions of apps available on Apple’s App Stores and the Google Play Store. So, why bother creating your own? Readymade apps may offer some benefits but would probably not have all the features required to ensure your processes run smoothly. Since they are not built for your company, they will not be able to cater to your unique requirements. Also, what happens when your company expands? Custom mobile apps can be upgraded and enhanced with just the right functionalities and features as your needs evolve. This won’t be the case if your team uses third-party apps.

#10 – High ROI: Companies often wonder whether a mobility solution will yield sufficient returns to justify the budget needed for custom mobile application development services? A mobility strategy will unleash a range of benefits for your company. And, creating a custom mobile app does not necessarily mean a large investment is needed. High-end, enterprise-grade apps can be built using a mobile application development platform (MADP), with huge savings of time and money. A MADP would have hundreds of reusable components and a company can choose the ones that align the best with their processes.

#11 – Integrates with Existing Software: A custom mobile app developed on a MADP can be easily integrated with the software being used by your company. If you have a CRM in place, you need a MADP with inbuilt connectors to that CRM. Third-party apps will not be able to function smoothly with your existing ERP or CRM software.

#12 – Ease of Planning and Management: With data being available on multiple parameters, companies can gain meaningful insight and can create plans in a more informed way. Moreover, with real-time reports on employee accomplishments through the day, project management becomes easier even while you’re traveling.

A custom mobile app can go a long way in the brand building. And, it always pays to be a step ahead of your competitors.