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HokuApps is not confined by traditional spaces of thinking. Our developers, designers, and analysts go the extra mile to provide you the best mobile app solutions possible.
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The Smarter Way of Mobile Application Development for Business

HokuApps low-code mobile application development technology allows to create pixel-perfect UI/UX apps which integrates easily any system. Apps are built via visual development approach which is a drag-and-drop method of app creation. This gives the power of 10X speed of development, without any stress on time, costs, and resources.

We are Innovators in the Mobile App Development Space

“Real-time collaboration with the ‘Field Service’ mobile app”
HokuApps built an enterprise mobility solution shifting the operational backbone from paper-based to cloud-based processes flawlessly.
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“Mobile app development for workflow for 360-degree project management”
HokuApps designed an enterprise mobility solution enhancing collaboration, simplifying workflows and increasing productivity.
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HokuApps- the Best Mobile App Development Company, Dedicated to You

To keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancement and acceptance, you will need to partner with a top mobile application development company like HokuApps. There are many vendors in the world that provide these services, and this makes the task of choosing the best platform a difficult one. It is vital that mobile app development companies feature these basic capacities to satisfy business and technical requirements. Here are the 3 key factors:
How fast can the application be built? This is the primary question that CXOs often deal with. You can make a choice between native and hybrid apps and then move forward with your platform selection process. Although there are companies that provide low code, you will need to experience a demo of the platform to know more.
An app’s functionality must show through its options on the platform API store. As every business is different, features will have to be incorporated based on requirements. You wouldn’t want to invest in features that are of little use to your consumers.
We realize that cost can make or break a plan. So, we understand that affordability is a given for any organization. However, hidden costs are a reality that businesses must deal with regularly. With HokuApps, there are no hidden costs.

Mobile App Development at Rapid Speed

Get your ideas implemented within weeks with our low code approach to the mobile app development process. HokuApps Mobile Application Development lets you create smart and agile mobile solutions for even the most complex workflows, deployed in no time. We provide state of the art software solutions for enterprises to streamline businesses by bringing together IT and business operations.
Mobile App Development at Rapid Speed

Mobile App Development Company that Builds App 10X FAST

Mobile App Development Company that Builds App 10X FAST
Transform customer experience. Digitize business processes. Streamline operations. Leverage new technologies. Build solutions to transform any part of your business in a radically short time. HokuApps delivered mobile solutions 10X faster to more than 800 app projects across 16 different countries.
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Build Enterprise Apps Quickly

HokuApps Mobile App Development Platform

Why Choose HokuApps for Custom Mobile App Development?

Mobile Apps Unique to Your Business
HokuApps builds tailor-made mobile applications for enterprises to streamline your workflow with powerful connectors.
Connect to Anything and Everything
Connect seamlessly to any packaged, cloud-based, or custom-built system, workflow or any data source with or without APIs.
Modernize Legacy Systems
Transform systems of record into systems of engagement. Create more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions.
Powerful Omni-Channel Experiences
Design next-generation user experiences that meet today’s digital demands with our smart apps.
Intelligent and Connected Interactions
Create connected, proactive and context-aware experiences across all digital platforms smartly.
Collaborate Without Constraints
Empower real-time collaboration and reduce business-IT friction with our extensive business modules.

Mobile App Development for All Devices, All Platforms

Mobile App Development for All Devices, All Platforms
Supportive Cross-Platform
Whether you need a native app on iOS, Android or Windows or it is a cross-platform hybrid or web app that you are looking for, HokuApps’ custom mobile application development platform can help you with your requirements. HokuApps’ mobile app development process decreases creation time considerably and reduces risk significantly. We provide cost-effective applications that help organizations achieve their long-term and short-term objectives.


Mobile App Development for All Devices and All Platforms

What is the need for Mobile App Development?

  • HokuApps takes the unbeaten path on certain aspects of mobile app logic. HokuApps believes that mobile devices are personal and a personalized ‘customer experience’ holds prime importance. So much so that a leading Big Data research company indicates that only 16% of customers attempted to download an app the second time. This means that a whopping 84% reject an app after the first download.
    Imagine if a customer’s first look at the app isn’t up to the mark. Your app may probably feature in the 84%. To curb this, HokuApps provides an easy-to-use user interface with advanced functionalities so that your app gets accepted by the user in the first instance.

What are the challenges for Mobile Application Development?

  • In the era of digital disruption, there is a range of strategies and challenges that encompass the mobile app development environment. When executing a comprehensive mobile app strategy, businesses face these challenges which HokuApps specifically addresses with ease.
    The Skills Gap: In the current global scenario, a mobile app developed from scratch requires skilled developers with advanced and specific programming knowledge. This requirement poses a major talent scarcity problem where demand supersedes supply.
    API Strategy: To boost your mobile app, your strategy will need API tools that can empower your employees and customers alike. For example, a field service app will need GPS enabled tools to show the quickest route to the destination, while your customers will need to see this real-time on their mobiles.
    Security: 45% of respondents in a US-centered survey cite security as a major concern. With critical and sensitive data being communicated within the company and among employees, big data is constantly being gathered which need to be safely accessed and stored.

What are the benefits for Mobile Application Development?

  • For any kind of app, be it-customer-facing, employee-facing or even an amalgamation of both, HokuApps creates apps at 10X speed so that you can get onto your digital transformation journey at the speed of thought. Here’s how:
    Addressing the Skills Gap: With HokuApps, apps are created with reusable modules. We believe that app developers do not need to be well- versed in any specific programming language as a base app created for multiple platforms is already in place.
    Creating Solid API Strategies: Unlike our competitors, HokuApps doesn’t have a lock-in period or limitations on the number of APIs that you can integrate. HokuApps’ API stores over 500 popular features and the count increases every single day!
    Fixing Security: Most of our competitors will provide 128-bit AES security and host your data on servers that aren’t the best in the world. HokuApps provides best-in-class security solutions at every level of the mobile app with 256-bit AES security and hosting on the world’s best service provider.

What are Mobile Application Development Services HokuApps Offer?

  • Android Mobile App Development – HokuApps offers native and hybrid android mobile application development services using languages and tools that support the platform. Native apps perform and look the best with unbridled access to device hardware and features. Hybrid android apps are enfolded in a native container and delivered as a regular app.
    iOS Mobile App Development – Native apps are specifically made to perform as per iOS nativity ensuring ease of use and simplicity of UI. The hybrid approach is a write-once-deploy-anywhere project as the base coding in both the platforms is written on a common code.