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Build Apps at 10X Speed
HokuApps delivers stellar iOS app development and iPhone app development for businesses to help them go digital. The HokuApps automated iOS app development platform is known for delivering top-notch iPhone application development solutions at rapid speed so that enterprises can stay ahead of the curve.

HokuApps Mobile Platform

The Fastest and Most Reliable iPhone App Development Platform

As one of the fastest growing iPhone application development platforms in the world, we can tell you that all businesses compete for their customer’s attention. Invest in a top-grade iOS app development company like HokuApps to stay ahead of the curve.

Customer Success Stories

“Real-time collaboration with the custom ‘Field Service’ app
HokuApps developed an enterprise mobility solution, shifting the operational backbone from paper-based to cloud-based operations seamlessly with robust cross-platform apps.
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“Custom workflow app for 360-degree project management”
HokuApps designed a customized enterprise solution to enhance collaboration, simplify workflows and increase productivity throughout all processes.
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The Most Cutting-Edge iPhone/iOS App Development Platform

With traditional iPhone app development frameworks, development stages tend to exceed 10. However, the HokuApps iPhone application development framework is a low-code process which cuts down app development time to days or weeks.
Keep Costs down - iPhone/iOS Application Development
High ROI and Better Brand Value
iPhone app development garners the highest return on investment among all mobile OS platforms. Apart from high ROI, Apple App Store is a place where all the trusted brands in the world reside. Your brand can be another addition to the elite club of iOS apps. On the automated platform, all apps are created with industry-best practices ingrained in the iOS app development process.
Security - iPhone/iOS Apps Development
The biggest benefit of choosing HokuApps as your iOS app development partner is that we provide high-level security at every stage of the app development process - AUTOMATICALLY. HokuApps does not need to build separate security features for each application (unlike traditional app development).
Enhanced UX - iOS/iPhone Apps Development
Enhanced UX
With our iPhone app development process owing to the high standard of Apple hardware and its functionality, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The user can be rest assured that if an app is published on the App Store, then the quality of the app is never in question. And with HokuApps’ affordable solutions at your fingertips, enhanced UI/UX is an inevitability with our iPhone app development process.

We Build All Apps at 10X Speed

It is a fact that Apple’s App Store generates more revenue than Google. To penetrate the global market successfully, your business will need to arm itself with iOS app.
10X Speed iOS app development, iphone app development

Automated Technology that Builds iPhone Apps 10X FASTER

ios app development 10X FASTER
HokuApps has automated the iOS application development process. Leverage new technologies to transform any part of your business in a radically short time. HokuApps delivers mobile solutions 10X faster.
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80% faster time to market
Build enterprise iOS and iPhone Apps Fast

Why Choose HokuApps for iPhone/iOS App Development 

100% Custom Mobile Applications
Our unique low-code approach to iOS app development has resulted in more than 800 successful projects being delivered.
Enterprise Administration Backend
The HokuApps platform builds enterprise mobility solutions where all solutions built automatically have a mobile view, a web backend, a granular reporting engine and dashboards.
Communication Framework
The HokuApps iOS application development technology platform has an inbuilt communication framework. Incorporate real-time business chat and notifications into any solutions built on the platform.
Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework
The HokuApps platform offers a robust and on-demand scalability infrastructure with best-in-class enterprise security features. Solutions built on the platform automatically subscribe to these security features.
Maintenance and Support
Post-deployment, HokuApps iPhone app development continues to offer maintenance with OS upgrades, security upgrades, and scalability.
App Store Deployment
Apple only accepts the best apps. HokuApps will develop and deploy Apple-worthy applications, no matter the industry or workflow.

Custom Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and the Web

Custom iOS application development
The HokuApps platform creates apps and workflows that are 100% customized for any business need. Our iOS application development platform creates 90% of the apps and workflows through automation, while the remaining 10% is business-layer customization unique to any business bringing the app and workflow together. The platform automatically creates cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and the Web.


iOS/iPhone Application Development FAQs

Why should you choose iOS as your choice of OS platform?

  • From prototyping to optimization for the Apple App Store, HokuApps does it all for you. We take a comprehensive approach to

    iPhone/iOS application development

    to ensure that technology becomes an enabler in your growth story.

    Some information about iOS:
    - When it comes to in-app purchases, iOS outshines Android by around 80%
    - iOS app users tend to fall in the higher-income bracket
    - Android takes a lot more time to build from scratch, in comparison to iOS app development
    - Swift -

    iPhone application development

    programming language, is a lot easier to work on than its Android counterpart
    -iOS is more regulated than Android

What does HokuApps’ iPhone/iOS App Development include?

  • Product Strategy
    We wish to offer you more than just an app. We want to offer technology as an enabler to transform your business inside-out. With our experience and skill, we can ideate, create and deliver iOS apps effortlessly.

    UI/UX Design
    In the sea of applications offered by Apple, a few characteristics will make your app stand out. The design is probably the biggest feature that will do this. Choose a layout from our deep library of UI design mockups that follow industry standards and comply with Apple’s UI guidelines.

    Ease of Branding
    HokuApps will guide you through the entire

    iOS app development

    lifecycle. Our prime-quality technology solutions will help your internal team weave a layer of branding around it without any hassles. HokuApps offers end-to-end

    iOS app development

    technology solutions, from specs to deployment. Our analysts and designers bring a wealth of experience to the iPhone application development process.

What Are The Reasons To Choose Hokuapps As Your IPhone/iOS Application Development Partner?

  • While most iOS application development companies will create apps via traditional approaches, where either all apps are built from scratch or they provide off-the-shelf solutions. The first approach demands a long time to perfect, while the second doesn’t fit the business’s ecosystem perfectly.


    iPhone app development

    is a viable alternative that develops and deploys 100% custom apps at 10x speed. It does so on an automated platform with pre-built elements which are brought together to create apps that work on Android, iOS and the Web. Apps are then customized to suit the business’s unique ecosystem.

What does iOS/iPhone Application Development Services Include?

  • iPhone app development

    includes fully-custom mobile apps that feature system integration of legacy and internal software. Apps also feature an enterprise administration backend, dashboards with a granular reporting, best-in-class security, and a communication framework.

What is the Avg. Cost of iPhone/iOS App Development?

  • iOS app development is a niche compared to Android app development. The reasons are that Android commands more users, is open-source and is not controlled by device usage (as iOS is). While freelancer hiring costs may vary, good iOS application development companies usually charge $50,000 and above. Of course, integrations, hosting and customizations may be charged in addition to these costs.

    However, low-code iOS app development platforms like HokuApps don’t charge anywhere close to this. The costs for iOS app development with HokuApps can be as less as 50%.

    And with HokuApps iOS apps development, there are no additional/hidden costs. This is why HokuApps solutions are in demand.

How will we communicate during the iOS App Development Process?/ How can I track the progress of my project?

  • For any company, investments and time is a huge commodity. As they say, ‘time is money’. With many traditional iOS app development companies, there are hidden costs and such. However, with HokuApps, the process is transparent.

    To keep the process transparent at every touch point, we will allocate a business Project Manager for your project, exclusively. This person will be well versed in the technical aspects, UI/UX, business logic and other features of the iOS apps development process.

    You can choose any mode of communication with the Project Manager. Typically, communication is done through emails with weekly and monthly updates. You can also choose to communicate via WhatsApp and such options. However, email is the most preferred choice as more details can be shared via this method. You can also choose to communicate bi-weekly or set any specific timeline for communication with the allocated iOS application development Project Manager.