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HokuApps delivers stellar iOS App Development and iPhone App Development for businesses to help them go digital.
HokuApps iOS app development is known for delivering industry-best iPhone application development solutions at rapid speed so that enterprises can stay ahead of the curve.
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  • Cross-Platform Apps
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iPhone/iOS App Development

As one of the fastest growing iPhone application development services in the world, we can tell you that all businesses want to compete for their customer’s attention. And in a Darwinian ecosystem, iPhone app development is what you need. The best way to fulfill your requirement is to invest in a top-grade iOS app development company like HokuApps.

From prototyping to optimization for the Apple App Store, HokuApps does it all for you. We take a comprehensive approach to iPhone application development to ensure that technology becomes an enabler in your growth story.

Here are some points that we have collated from years of experience:

  • When it comes to in-app purchases, iOS top Android by around 80%
  • iOS app users tend to fall into the top-earning bracket
  • Android takes a lot more time to build from scratch, in comparison to iOS app development
  • Swift, iPhone application development programming language, is a lot easier to work on than its Android counterpart
  • iOS is more regulated than Android, thus, making iOS a more stable platform to create apps for developers
iOS App Development

Best iPhone/iOS Development, That’s the Only Real Thing for Us!

iphone app development

iOS is one of the only two OS platforms that have such a mass following. In addition, iOS app development is also a fun process for our iPhone application development team. Our developers talk in two languages, i.e., Swift and Objective-C, which retaining a healthy fascination for Cocoa and its frameworks.

With traditional iOS app development frameworks, development stages tend to number more than 10. However, the HokuApps iPhone application development framework is an agile process which cuts development down to a structured minimum. This makes sure that HokuApps create apps that fit perfectly on all iOS devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iWatch.

It’s the iOS App You’ve Always Wanted for Your Business

iphone application development
Wireframing and Prototyping

As soon as we get a notice to start a project, our designers start on creating a wireframe. A wireframe is a blueprint for the app, which includes functionality, logic and user interface. These factors are made into an interactive prototype, which is then submitted to the client for feedback and approval.

Coding, UI/UX, and Bug-Checking

Traditionally, we can expect hand-coding to take months to years. Which reflects as hundreds of hours that go into iOS mobile app development. However, with our low-code iPhone app development process, coding and the subsequent process is created in a drag and drop approach, which reduces hand-coding by more than 90%. This also reduces the requirement of bug-fixing (the process does check for bugs, nonetheless).

Testing, Submission, and Maintenance

After the app is created, iPhone app developers test the app on various iOS devices to check its usability and pixel-density match. Our quality parameters are very stringent, and only when the app passes all tests do we deliver the app to our clients. Once approval is garnered, we submit the app to Apple App Store for publishing.

Top Reasons to Choose HokuApps as Your iOS/iPhone Technology Partner

Recent forecasts tell us that the iOS app market is going to double. This is a crystal-clear reflection of how important the iOS app development market is for business around the world. To penetrate the global market successfully, your business will need to arm itself with an iOS app which is a clear winner.
iOS App Development

The biggest benefit of choosing HokuApps as your iOS app development partner is that we provide high-level security at every level of the app. For any business that deals with data and analytics which needs to be kept secure, our iOS mobile app development offers 256-bit SSL encryption.

Enhanced UX

With our iPhone app development process owing to high standards of functionality and the high standards of Apple hardware, it is a sure-shot guarantee that customers will be a happy lot. The user can rest assured that if an app is submitted and published on the App Store, then the quality of the app is never in question. And with such affordable solutions at your fingertips, enhanced UI/UX is an inevitability with our iPhone app development process.

High ROI and Better Brand Value

iPhone app development garners the highest return on investment among all mobile OS platforms. Apart from high ROI, Apple App Store is a place where all the trusted brands in the world reside. Your brand can be another addition to the elite club of iOS apps.

iOS App Development

Our iPhone/iOS App Development Approaches

Our unique low-code approach to iOS app development has resulted in more than 800 successful projects being delivered:
Expert ios app development
Expert iOS Developers
Our in-house iPhone app development team are specialists in the field
iphone application development
All Code In-House
Our pre-configured modules have been created in-house and are unique to the industry
iphone app development services
End-to-End Service
From wireframing to prototyping to testing to delivery and submission, HokuApps does it all
ios mobile app development
App Store Deployment
Apple only accepts the best apps. HokuApps will submit the app on your behalf
ios mobile app development
Maintenance and Support
Post-deployment, HokuApps iOS mobile app development continues with upgrades, maintenance, and customer support

Our iPhone/iOS App Development Services Includes

ios mobile app development
  • Product StrategyWe wish to offer you more than just an app. We want to offer technology as an enabler to transform your business inside-out. With our experience and skill, we can ideate, create and deliver iOS apps effortlessly.
  • UI/UX DesignIn the sea of application that Apple offers, a few characteristics will make your app stand out. The design is probably the biggest feature that will do this. Leave it to our uber-creative designers to design the layout after extensive research into your competitor’s apps, industry standards, and Apple’s guidelines.
  • Ease of BrandingHokuApps will guide you through the entire iOS app development lifecycle. Our technology solutions are prime quality apps that will help your internal team weave a layer of branding around it without any hassles. This is how confident we are in our solutions.
ios mobile app development

Worked with Leading Industries

ios mobile app development
  • Health Care
  • Health/Fitness Calculator and Tracker
  • Clinical Research/Guide App
  • Data Record Apps
  • Exercise Apps
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Publishing App
  • News App
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Finance & Banking
  • Banking Apps
  • Apps for Financial Institutions
  • Trading Apps
  • Travel and Logistic
  • Destination Apps
  • Logistics Apps
  • GPS-driven Apps
  • Region Specific Apps
  • Event Apps
  • Education / e-learning
  • Educational Apps
  • Community Apps
  • Interactive Learning Apps for Kids
  • Quiz Apps
  • Subject Specific Apps
  • Shopping & E-commerce
  • Apps for Brands
  • Food Apps
  • Coupon Apps

iPhone/iOS App Development FAQs

For what size companies have you developed apps?

  • HokuApps has developed high-quality iOS apps for large, medium and small-scale companies. Our clients reside mostly in the APAC region and the US.

How long does it take HokuApps to build a fully-functional iPhone/iOS Application?

  • On an average, an interactive prototype takes 2-3 weeks for development. Post signing of the contract, HokuApps will deliver the app in 6-8 weeks for Android, iOS and the Web.

How well do you understand my customers and business?

  • Our developers boast of an average work experience of 4+ years. Our staff is highly-trained in all programming languages and have experience on the HokuApps iOS mobile app development platform. With more than 800 apps delivered successfully to date, you can rest-assured that our skilled staff understands business requirements in its entirety.

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HokuApps offers end-to-end iOS app development services, from concept to delivery and submission if the app. Our developers and designers bring a wealth of experience for your project in our iPhone application development services. Their core competencies are based on iOS programming languages, i.e., Swift and Objective-C, and this allows us to offer enterprise-grade iOS app development.

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