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The Top 5 Benefits of Rapid Application Development Platform in 2017

Reasons you should invest in a Rapid Application Development Platform

As our world migrates to the cloud via mobile devices, the demands for businesses to invest in business applications have reached unparalleled levels. However, current ecosystems suggest that one in six business project budgets overshoot by 200%. The schedules also follow up with an overrun of around 70%. Plus, around 75% of businesses fail in their digital transformation plans.

Investing in a Rapid Application Development Platform is the need of the hour for businesses so that they can reduce friction in the mobile app development creation process. The above statistics only prove the importance of RAD platform in our digital-driven world.

There is a large gap between the inner workings of management and that of the IT department. RADP can create an ecosystem where complexities are simplified to bring both units onto a unified platform, to fill the gaps on all app development stages. HokuApps does this by applying a linear approach to mobile app development where there is minimal wastage of time and effort to reduce the app development cycle to mere weeks and not months.

In this manner, the RAD model helps build the ideal structure for your business, keeping in mind all the granular issues that can affect business operations. Suited to this approach are not just large scale corporations, but also small and medium scale enterprises as costs are dramatically reduced.

However, reduced costs do not reflect onto low-quality solutions. HokuApps understands that only cutting edge and future-proof technology can help businesses change as their end-user’s requirements dictate. This is why we have added additional nodes so that you can scale up your business to take on the extra weight of front-end technologies and new features.

In conclusion, we would like to give you some stats to prove our points. Our app delivery speed is around 70% faster than traditional app creation technologies. Plus, our clients have cited that they save about 75% on maintenance costs.

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