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SAP Integration – Best Practices

HokuApps SAP Integration Solution employs industry-best practices for seamless system integration

Businesses feel a strong need to evolve and expand current businesses demands to create a centralized system with data-driven decision-making. However, owing to the multidimensional nature of SAP, a majority of market solutions available for SAP integration are often not amenable for adaptations. SAP works on multiple hardware and software platforms and has a host of different applications. Of these, either a single, a selection, or a suite of applications can be utilized by organizations, specific to their business requirements. Even within the same organization, disparate departments may use different SAP integration platforms suited to their requirements. To fully unlock and leverage the complex layered structure of SAP we would require a compact, compatible, and versatile SAP integration solution that is adaptable for all SAP ERP interfaces.

Here is the table of content:

  • Building on the ERP Core
  • SAP Integration Flows
  • How HokuApps Helps Address SAP Integration Roadblocks
  • Benefits of this Approach

HokuApps is a unique, adaptable solution that helps all SAP users derive the maximum potential out of their existing SAP and disparate systems. In the process, it is crucial to optimally utilize the combined organizational prowess of SAP ERP and HokuApps to unlock vital data and latent efficiencies, simplify business processes, and scale businesses. Integration pertaining to organization-specific requirements is the key to leveraging the full potential of the SAP-HokuApps platform. Leveraging the strength of each system, avoiding duplication of effort, and utilizing existing datasets facilitate the seamless customer-business relationship.

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