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SAP Integration: Use Cases

HokuApps SAP Integration facilitates a transparent and efficient administration with a robust integration platform

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) streamlines an organization’s critical capabilities by realigning unorganized processes. SAP, the largest ERP solutions provider, enables linkages between distinct data silos and facilitates its visibility across the business. In addition, enterprises can gain real-time insights by leveraging the SAP Cloud platform which helps in enabling data-driven decisions.

Since SAP has a wide spectrum of solutions catering to different digital workflow requirements, it becomes a critical component for the smooth running of operations. However, theSAP integration process varies across industries as each consists of a distinct set of processes. For instance, a manufacturing company’s workflow management will differ from that of an insurance firm.

To deliver cohesive business operations and meet business needs, SAP integration is essential for exchanging data and content between systems and applications. There are several SAP integration services offered within the Cloud Platform. So many a time, the question is when to use which tool. This blog explains the different SAP integration services features available. It also discusses the typical use cases.

Use cases help in understanding scenarios necessitating SAP integration to streamline processes. Here are the topics that are covered in this e-book:

1. SAP Application Integration
1.1. SAP Integration with CRM
1.2. SAP Integration with Supplier Systems
1.2.1. ERP to supplier
1.2.2. Supplier to ERP
1.3. SAP Integration with Third Party Purchase Order Systems
2. Benefits of a Unified System
2.1. Non-Value Added Activities
2.2. Lack of Real-time Visibility
2.3. Increased Customer Churn

Companies across industries are already reaping the manifold benefits of SAP integration. SAP integration ensures effective communications between the SAP and non-SAP applications, facilitating a transparent and efficient administration with a robust integration platform. With SAP integration, businesses have lowered costs by up to 300 percent.

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