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Break Down Your Data Silos with HokuApps System Integration Platform

System integration solves the real problem that businesses face, i.e., the collation of data from multiple sources

Businesses face problems with data as it emanates from various sources. Though the common belief is that the amount of data is the real problem, the real problem is the collation of data from multiple sources. As a business has numerous silos to deal with, so will the number of sources increase. Data integration will solve all these problems as it brings all of it onto one unified platform so that executives and managers can make sense of it all.

Data integration provides a comprehensive approach to help solve these problems by bringing together disparate data together so that decision makers can make decisions based on data and analysis from the same. In addition, with the Hoku Executive Dashboard, you can identify gaps and inaccuracies so that the business can be streamlined to optimization.

For a holistic view of your business operations and customer related data, Hoku identifies key data sources and departments to understand and focus on business objectives. This way customer accounts can be linked instantly to the system. This system is linked to existing legacy systems, thus creating a future-proof business solution which is secure behind enterprise-grade firewalls.  

The system is created on pre-built templates and modules which save on app creation, testing and deployment time. The app comes equipped with automated systems that send alerts and updates in real-time so that you can stay abreast of the status of your business.

This way you don’t only save time and costs, but also save on additional hardware costs as everything moves to the cloud. Cloud based technology ensures that all data silos interact with each other, enabling enhanced collaboration among departments and workforce. Regardless of the complexities of your business workflow, our pre-built apps can handle additional amounts of data in the future as there are nodes available for future integrations of tools and features.

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